Which Industries Can Benefit from Balloon Lighting?

April 2, 2017

When it comes to bespoke lighting solutions, there is no doubt that balloon lighting stands high above its competition when it comes to innovation and flexibility; this stunning and innovative form of lumiere brings a myriad of benefits to its users over old and inconvenient forms of illumination. In today’s blog, Balloominations UK Ltd has explored which industries across the globe can benefit from exceptional balloon lighting:

Film and Television Industry

With frequent set changes and filming locations with challenging terrains, the need for a portable and lightweight yet durable lighting system is crucial in the film and television industry. Balloon lighting encompasses all of these elements, thereby helping to ensure that all projects – from small scale student films to blockbuster productions – stick to filming schedules and, therefore, stay on budget. After all, time is money and using cumbersome lighting could have a detrimental impact over the course of the filming period.

Fashion Industry

When a fashion designer or fashion house has spent months creating stunning pieces for the new season, it is only right that these pieces should walk the runway with lighting that shows off all their incredible detailing and features. Balloon lighting is completely glare and shadow-free, meaning that guests and attendees of the show will enjoy a 360 degree view of the collection uninhibited by dark angles or shadows. They can also be used to promote the fashion label themselves with fun logos and the company branding surrounding the venue.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry is widely considered to be one of the most difficult sectors in which to work. A lighting solution, therefore, that can promote optimum safety and productivity for workers is certainly the best course of action. Balloon lighting is the ideal kind of floodlighting for this industry as it is lightweight and so easy for workers to transport around as they move to different areas of the field or enclosures. It also means that employees can continue to work safely and efficiently into the night.

Construction Industry

Construction sites need workers to be alert and always aware of their surroundings, particularly as they are often operating large vehicles or wielding potentially dangerous tools. Moreover, rescue and recovery for accidents and emergencies – whether small or large – need the best lighting conditions possible to rescue people without endangering the victims or themselves unnecessarily. Balloon lighting brings a multitude of benefits such as reduced eye fatigue, wider light dispersion for better visibility, and portability to move the lights around the incident as quickly as possible.

Attractions and Events Industry

Theme parks and museums are popular day excursions for couples, friends, and families alike. Creating a fun and exciting atmosphere is key to ensuring that guests stay as long as possible during the day, especially if the attraction or event is based outdoors and is open late into the evening. Classic or quicky designs and patterns can be introduced onto the balloon lighting itself, with smaller or bigger sizes offering flexibility depending on how big an area needs illuminating.
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