What to Do in Worcestershire

April 5, 2018

Here at Balloominations, we’re lucky enough to work in one of the most picturesque counties in the UK: Worcestershire. While often overlooked by prospective tourists and holiday-makers, the county’s rich history and wonderful landscapes are enough to provide any visitors with a wonderful experience.

Here, we take a look at some of the most interesting things you can do in Worcestershire, to show you just how much our county offers.

Worcestershire Beacon

An image of the Worcestershire Beacon, the highest peak in the Malvern Hills

The rolling hills of this Midlands county is one of its greatest attractions, and nothing better epitomises this landscape than the Worcestershire Beacon. Its summit is 425 metres above sea level, making it an imposing natural feature of the countryside skyline. Part of the Malvern Hills, there are plenty of surrounding peaks that provide great opportunities for budding hikers.

Worcester Cathedral

An image of Worcester Cathedral standing over the River Severn - one of the most popular attractions in Worcestershire

Positioned on the River Severn, the majestic Worcester Cathedral adds to the picturesque nature of the county. From the outside, you’ve got an incredible view of medieval architecture at its finest; inside are high-rising pillars and stunning stained-glass windows. The surrounding area isn’t bad, either. Spend a day at the cricket, with a perfect view of Worcester Cathedral, or take a boat trip down the Severn.

West Midland Safari Park

An image of two lions at West Midlands safari park, Worcestershire

If safari parks and exotic animals are your thing, then Worcestershire has you covered. There are plenty of rides for the younger members of a family, while the park also has plenty to offer even the most avid safari park enthusiasts. Located halfway between Birmingham and Worcester, the West Midland Safari Park is definitely worth a trip for anyone with an interest in animals.

Over to you!

Hopefully we’ve given you a taste of what you can discover in Worcestershire. If you’re a local then you’ll know all of this already, but it’s worth spreading the word. Too many people overlook our wonderful home county, despite its many wonderful attractions. Next time you’re thinking about a long weekend away somewhere, make sure we’re on your list!

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