What Are the Dangers of Poor Workplace Lighting?

May 15, 2017

Implementing an effective workplace illumination is imperative to the productiveness and health and wellbeing of workers. What’s more, it’s not simply a matter of finding a generic light solution but reviewing the specific needs of your office or site as well as considering the job roles of your employees. Below, Balloominations UK Ltd has reviewed some of the potential dangers of inadequate workplace lighting:

Eye Strain, Fatigue and Headaches

Improper workplace lighting can have negative consequences for the health of a workforce, whether they are based in an office environment or work outside on a construction site. Poorly distributed light affects the levels of illumination around workers and, therefore, forcing them to strain their eyes in order to adjust to the change in light levels. Lack of sufficient workplace lighting will encourage feelings of fatigue and hinder productivity, whereas lighting that flickers or is too bright can produce a glare effect that is both extremely uncomfortable and headache-inducing.

Quality and Morale Drop

Above all, improper illumination hinders the ability to see things clearly and in detail, thereby compromising on health and safety as well as the capacity to complete work efficiently, thoroughly, and correctly. Over time, a workforce will lose the motivation to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities as the negative consequences of poor workplace lighting impacts their health. In industries where detail and precision are of the utmost important, such a drop in morale and quality can be extremely serious.

Injuries and Fatalities

Perhaps the worst outcome of substandard workplace lighting is the increased possibility of accidents, leading to short term and long term injuries or even fatalities. It is all too easy to misjudge an environment or complete miss a hazardous object or area if the environment is too dark or not bright enough.

Why Do I Need Balloon Lighting?

Balloon lighting is the perfect workplace lighting solution for those who need flexible luminaires that are quick to set up and move around as needed on site or along stretches of road. Balloon lighting offers complete 360-degree illumination without shadows or glares, allowing a workforce to see all of their environment in perfect detail and the right contrast without causing any of the above-mentioned health problems. Furthermore, the efficacy of balloon lighting ensures that productivity remains high and that employees have everything they need to complete any specialist work thoroughly and effectively.

If you are looking to introduce premium luminaires to your Hereford or Worcester construction site or would like more information about how balloon lighting can transform your workplace lighting, contact Balloominations UK Ltd today. We will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have, simply give us a call on 07419 987504 or complete our online form.