Welcome to Our New Blog

October 20, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new blog. As purveyors of exceptional quality balloon lighting, we want our customers to be privy to all of the insider knowledge that the industry has to offer. Our blog will provide lots of valuable insights and suggestions for getting the most of your Balloominations UK Ltd products in your event or project.
It’s fair to say that you can never really overestimate the importance of light. Most of the information received by our brain is through our sense of sight. Inadequate lighting can increase the possibility of accidents, cause health issues such as eye strain and headaches, and prevent us from truly taking in the world around us.
Due to its inconvenient and cumbersome nature, traditional industrial lighting often costs precious time and effort. Here at Balloominations UK Ltd we decided we were finished with such weary, outdated concepts. Hearing of the difficulties and frustrations experienced by many of our clients, we decided it was time for the end of unattractive and impractical lighting.
Combining versatility with stunning aesthetic, our balloon lighting is incomparable when it comes to illumination. Extremely easy to assemble, it can be powered by a variety of sources and will stand strong against the elements despite its lightweight quality. Our products are so impressive that you can avoid harsh glares whilst simultaneously benefitting from 360 degree light coverage.
As the official approved distributor of Airstar for the Midlands, Wales and the South West, we have acted as trustworthy and highly sought-after independent floodlighting consultants for a diverse range of industries and needs. Our team are extremely knowledgeable and can advise on a product to fit your specific needs, whether this is providing a safe working environment for your construction team or dazzling guests at your wedding.


Allow Balloominations UK Ltd to assist you in finding that perfect lighting outcome by contacting our team on 07419 987 504 or by filling in our online form.