Wedding Planning: Don’t Forget These Things

May 31, 2018

Your wedding day should be one to remember for all of the right reasons. However, with so much to do, plan and budget for, the finishing touches can be left until the last minute. In the latest blog from Ballominsations UK Ltd, we discuss top tips for ensuring your wedding day is one to remember

The Venue

Your wedding venue is often the first thing you get sorted. However, once the venue is fully dressed, what people tend to forget to do is put appropriate signage in place.

If your venue is deep in the countryside, you may consider placing a sign or chalkboard close to the venue to direct guests along their way. How many times have you arrived at your destination and not known what entrance to go in? To ensure a smooth experience for your guests, (and to prevent them getting lost) consider placing a personalised sign at the entrance of your reception venue, directing them to the where they need to be. For a more personalised option, place ribbons or decorations that fit the theme of your wedding to act as a trail for your guests to follow. It is these little extras that allow you to express your personality throughout each aspect of your big day, and ensure the day flows smoothly.


The lighting of your venue can make all the difference. Consider the difference in atmosphere between stark, bright room and a dimly lit space with warm lighting choices.

Get creative with your lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Balloon lighting, fairy lights and lanterns all add something a little special to the space and come in a variety of colours and tones.

The Little Touches

The little touches can often make the biggest difference. The added extras you incorporate into your wedding will depend on the style of your big day. However, you may consider little additions such as a bucket of flip-flops near the dance floor – to ensure guests with heels can dance the night away, and disposable cameras on each table – to ensure you can get various aspects of your big day.

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