The Many Uses for Temporary Roadways

February 21, 2018

One of our services here at Balloominations UK Ltd is to provide temporary roadways. Exactly what this service is good for, however, might not be that obvious. Here, we’ll take you through some of the many uses for temporary roadways, as they might not always be that obvious!

Construction sites

Construction sites are probably the most obvious of all our suggestions. With heavy machinery and vehicles being constantly transported around the site, it’s easy to forget about the lasting damage that can be caused to the grass. Regardless of what you’re building, the likelihood is you’re not going to want to completely destroy its surroundings; this is where temporary roadways come in. Sure, all the protection in the world won’t stop grass from getting a bit battered on a construction site, but it’s possible to preserve it far more effectively when you take precautionary steps.


Ah, festivals. We’ve spoken about them before, in previous blogs, but they’re no less appropriate here. If you’re hosting or organising a festival, then do your garden/ your friend’s field a favour. Certain areas are going to experience a lot of footfall, and these areas can be protected … to an extent. You’re always going to wear the grass out to some degree, but it’s possible to limit the damage to something recoverable. If you leave it all completely unprotected, you risk green becoming brown, and staying that way.

Outdoor events

We realise we’re being a bit general here, but it’s important to bear in mind that any kind of outdoor event can benefit from temporary roadways. While the protection of grass is, clearly, an important factor to consider, there are other benefits to be had from opting for this service. For example, roads act as their own signpost and give people somewhere to walk that isn’t going to ruin their shoes. The flexibility of these systems also ensures you’re not restricted; you can mould their shape, length, and width to suit your purposes perfectly.

Balloominations UK Ltd

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