The Advantages of Generator Hire for Outdoor Events

January 8, 2018

Finding an effective way to provide power to your outdoor event can be extremely challenging. Extension leads can have their uses, but they also have a number of limitations; they are quickly overloaded and present a very real tripping hazard. Generator hire, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for such a situation.

Here, we’ll run you through some of the advantages of generator hire for outdoor events. Balloominations UK Ltd offer rentals throughout the Midlands, with a lot of experience operating in Worcester and Hereford. Get in touch with us to hear more about the services we offer.

Save on costs

No surprises here, but generator hire is significantly cheaper than purchasing the unit. Unless, of course, you’re planning to get an awful lot of use out of your generator, you’re probably looking for something to help you on a short-term basis. Investing in a generator is only really worthwhile if you’ll frequently be hosting large-scale events; if it’s a one off, then you’re definitely better renting.


The company offering you generator rental will almost always deliver the unit to a requested location. This consideration is an extremely significant one, as it allows you to eliminate the difficulties of collecting and transporting the generator yourself. It also means there’s one less thing for you to worry about from an organisational perspective; you just need to make sure someone’s around when the delivery arrives.

Variety of options

The idea that generator hire adopts a “one size fits all” approach is simply false. There is a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to renting a unit, in terms of size, power, and rental periods. Such a variety of styles means that pretty much any outdoor event can make use of a generator; it doesn’t have to be a huge music festival or a ridiculously expensive wedding!

Quick solution

As a general rule, it’s probably easier to hire something if you’re a bit short for time. Not only does it mean you don’t have to save the money, but it means you’re not going to panic buy either. If you’ve left things a little late, then hiring is definitely the way to go. Hiring a generator also removes a number of late worries from the equation, such as the safe use of numerous wires and backup power suppliers.

If you’re planning an outdoor event in the Hereford and Worcester areas, then get in touch with Balloominations UK Ltd to see how out generator hire service could help. You can give us a call on 01584 811580, or fill out our online contact form.