Creating the Perfect Outdoor Christmas Party

December 1, 2017

An outdoor Christmas party, are you mad? It’s December, we’ll all freeze!
As crazy as it might sound, Christmas parties need not be confined to the warmth and comfort of the inside. On the contrary, bringing warmth and comfort outside can add to the festive feeling of a seasonal meetup. Here at Balloominations, we’ve got experience in helping people organise their outdoor parties, so we thought we’d share some of our top tips with you.


We thought we’d address the most obvious point first. Yes, it is December, and yes, it’s probably going to be cold. As we write, the winds of the arctic are sweeping across the UK, and only the bravest among us are venturing outside. It’s not impossible to stay warm outside at this time of the year, though. Invest in some heaters, and position them strategically in your garden; that’s a quick fix for providing some much needed heat for your guests.
If you’d prefer something a bit more rustic and traditional, then a firepit is a great option. Not only does it add to the aesthetics of the event, but it can also prove extremely beneficial from a functional perspective. Toasting marshmallows is an extremely popular activity during the colder months, and a firepit provides the means to do exactly that. Granted, you need a bit more room for this option, but if you’ve got it then it’s definitely worth considering.

Picture of a firepit, used for warmth at aan outdoor christmas party



So, you’re warm. That helps with the comfort immediately, but you might need to do more. One of the main attractions of people staying inside is convenience; they can sit, put their drinks down, and access refreshments. It’s important that you allow everyone to do all of these things outside as well.
Start by bringing some comfortable seating options outside for your party. Sofas, chairs, bean bags, and even cushions are all great options. Ensure that the seating is sturdy, and isn’t going to wobble all over the place.

Finally, if you can provide cover then do. No-one wants to get rained on, and it does tend to rain in the UK during winter. Prepare for the heavens to open, and make some shelter!

Picture of seating for an outdoor Christmas party



From both an aesthetic and functional point of view, getting the lighting right at your outdoor Christmas party is absolutely essential. Firstly, people need to be able to see. While your heaters and firepits will provide some light, the entire garden would ideally be lit. Accidents are best avoided at these events, after all.
Aesthetically, lights are a fundamental part of any Christmas gathering. Depending on your own personal taste, there are a few different options open to you. If you’re after a really rustic feel, then some simple white lights with copper wiring would fit the bill perfectly. If you’d rather things were a little more colourful, then multicoloured lights simply scream “Christmas”.

White lights, used to add festivity to an outdoor garden party



We’ve already mentioned this one a little, but it’s important to talk about refreshments. If people are bringing their own, then there needs to be somewhere to keep them. Drinks-wise, a designated area to hold bottles, cans, and cups will help prevent any breakages or misplacements. If you’re providing hot food, then you need some way of keeping it all warm. Keeping the food inside might be an option, but if you’re keen on keeping people in the garden then this option could be risky. Again, heaters and firepits outside can be very effective ways of keeping food warmed up.

A picture of refreshments at an outdoor christmas party


How we can help

Here at Balloominations UK Ltd, we provide balloon lighting solutions to the Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas. Our products are incredibly versatile, and would be perfectly suited to an outdoor Christmas party.
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