Inventive Ways Of Using Balloon Lighting

June 18, 2017

We’ve spoken previously in our blog about the benefits of balloon lighting. Be it for a corporate event, for use in the workplace, or for a private party, Balloominations UK Ltd can provide a suitably tailored service for you. We’ve also discussed a variety of different industries that could benefit from balloon lighting, but here we will talk about some more inventive ways to use our products.


If you’re fed up of more traditional decorations for events like Christmas and birthday parties, then why not consider using light-up balloons? They provide an interesting alternative to the standard fairy lights used at Christmas, and add a heightened sense of occasion to birthdays, when normal balloons are restricted to the inside. If you have a large Christmas tree or some substantial land that needs decorating, it is worth considering using balloons to add your light. At Balloominations we provide our balloons in a variety of different styles and colours, so you can select whichever variation suits your personal preferences.


Balloon lighting may not be traditionally associated with sports, but there are a number of sports played frequently in England that could benefit from it. For example, if your football, rugby, or hockey team lacks floodlights, balloon lighting can provide a simple, easy solution. Without having to permanently install lights, a balloon lights could be used for training, trials, or an evening kick-off. Balloon lights are a quick, minimal fuss solution for sports lacking floodlights, and their dexterity and flexibility makes them appropriate for a number of different games. They can also add to the sense of occasion; lit pitches often look spectacular, and balloon lights have the added bonus of looking great themselves. As well as the aforementioned three, tennis, badminton, bowls, and many more sports could also benefit from balloon lighting.


Not all festivals can afford floodlit stages. A huge number of festivals occur in towns, villages, and even back gardens across the country every year. While the longer nights make summer the usual season of choice for aspiring festival coordinators, balloon lighting makes them possible all-year round. An autumn or winter festival lit with balloon lights would create an incredibly atmospheric setting, and would provide an original take on the festival trend. Failing that, summer festivals would be equally appropriate settings for balloon lighting. Regardless of the cost involved, sometimes floodlights can be cumbersome and unsightly; balloons can really add to the ambiance of an occasion.


Okay, so this one possibly isn’t that inventive, but it’s so glaringly obvious that we had to talk about it. Using balloon lighting for weddings can be a really effective way of creating a romantic, relaxing atmosphere without spending loads on really expensive decorations. Combining lighting and decorations in one product not only saves you from unnecessary costs, but also improves the overall aesthetic effect of the event.

We’ve given you a few ideas about how to use balloon lighting for your events, but it’s really up to you to decide what you do. Essentially, if you need lights for something, consider how those lights would look inside balloons. Often, the answer is that they would look a lot better! If that is the case, then please do get in touch with the team at Balloominations UK Ltd. We can be contacted by phone on 07419 987504 or 01584 810326. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our online contact forms, and we will get back to you very shortly.