Create an Unforgettable Atmosphere at Your Event

June 4, 2017

Whether it is a conference, ball, or fundraising gala, when we organise and host an event we strive to create a memorable occasion that will be the talk of the online and offline community for weeks, months and even years to come. Balloominations UK Ltd have therefore put together some of the key deliberations upon which you should focus in order to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event:

The Ideal Venue

Finding the right location should be one of your primary considerations when looking to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event. If you are planning to put on a firework show for example then opting for a waterside property will provide an incredible, reflective backdrop for the display. Hosting your event at a country manor will allow your guests to relax and unwind in the countryside away from the frantic nature of city life, whilst electing for a chic ballroom inside of an imposing glass skyscraper will inspire awe and an air of cosmopolitan refinement.
Moreover, you should also review the accessibility and size of your location, and determine if there are any special needs or requirements – such as wheelchair access – for which you will need to accommodate. Some attendees will be travelling from long distances, using variable means of transport or may need space for parking. If you have a large guest list, can your venue comfortably offer enough space and sleeping arrangements?

Stunning Lighting

Appealing to the senses is a strategic and vital component of a successful and memorable occasion. The team here at Balloominations UK Ltd are passionate about the creative possibilities of lighting, and strongly believe that balloon lighting can create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event thanks to its stunning quality. You can match the colour scheme of your balloon lighting to brand colours or create an ambiance based on the purpose of the occasion. For a relaxed evening soiree, for example, blue and green will create a soothing atmosphere, whereas reds and oranges are perfect for stimulating the energy and excitement of your guests. Why not find out more about how our exceptional range of customisable balloon lighting is the perfect solution for your event?

Captivating Music

Whether you entertain your attendees with a rockabilly band, a string quartet, or a DJ, settling on a music choice that will appeal to the majority of your guests can really help define the occasion. Live performances from local or national acts are a great way to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event and leave people talking about the night for many weeks to come. It is difficult to appeal to the taste of every single person, however properly gauging the demographic of your audience will help you make an informed choice about what avenue to take when deciding on a musical genre.
If you are needing advice and guidance on choosing the right lighting to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event, just get in touch with the knowledgeable team here at Balloominations UK Ltd. We would be happy to discuss the specifications of your occasion and talk through the options available to you as part of our bespoke balloon lighting services. Just give us a call on 07419 987504 or complete our simple online contact form.