Balloon Lighting in Practice

June 13, 2018

We’ve spoken before about the industries that could benefit from balloon lighting. Here, though, we’re taking that further and looking at exactly how balloon lights can be put to use; yes, we’ll still be talking about industry-specific examples, but with more of an emphasis on why balloon lights are particularly useful.

The main advantages

Firstly, let’s consider the main differences and potential advantages balloon lights have over standard lighting solutions. We often speak about how transportable our balloon lights are, and that’s certainly one of the main points to consider. Without sacrificing durability and sturdiness, they’re extremely portable pieces of equipment.

Balloon lights are also relatively small. Sure, this ties into our previous points, but if a small, relatively inoffensive lighting solution is preferable to one that’s large and cumbersome, you need not look much further than these systems.

Why that matters

So, why is that important? Well, let’s think about the sorts of situations you might find yourself in if you’re considering balloon lighting. In one of our previous blog posts, we looked at the industries that would most benefit from balloon lighting, and came up with this list:

If we take a look at that list, it’s easy to see why portable, small-ish lighting solutions would be preferable to their larger counterparts. In all of the aforementioned examples, it’s important to be able to move things around and adapt to potentially awkward setup environments.

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