Looking For Balloon Event Lighting In Worcester? Look No Further Than Balloominations UK Ltd

Balloominations UK Ltd is a lighting solutions company based in Worcester which provides inexpensive balloon event lighting and similar products to countless distinctive industries and trades. We are an approved distributor of ballon light products in the UK, supplying effective lighting solutions to the Midlands, Wales, and the South-West.


When Balloominations UK Ltd was set up in 2014, the team wanted to provide their customers with a cost effective alternative to bulky floodlighting. Balloon lighting is great for industries who are on the hunt for a lighting solution that offers brilliant coverage without having to lose valuable floor working space.


Balloominations UK Ltd supplies its lighting solutions to rescue and emergency services, the construction industry, the farming and agriculture trade, and to the film and television industry. All of our customers agree that the blend of careful lighting design and the malleable balloon material provides the perfect lighting solution.


At Balloominations UK Ltd, we specialise in supplying balloon event lighting to the Worcester community. Our stunning balloon event lighting range is the perfect addition to any outdoor celebration, whether at a party or at a wedding. The balloon event lighting products can be customised with vinyl graphics or can be covered with coloured, embroidered slips to fit any theme the customer desires for their outdoor event. The balloons are adaptable, robust, and waterproof, and can be positioned almost anywhere to transform the atmosphere of any event.


If you’d like to know more about the services Balloominations UK Ltd offers to the Worcester area and beyond, please give us a call on 07419 9875 for daytime enquiries or 01584 810326 for calls made in the evening. If you have a more specific question about the functionality of the products on offer, please use our online contact form found on the website, and a member of the Balloominations UK Ltd will get back to you as soon as possible.