Emergency Lighting

At Balloominations UK Ltd. we specialise in the hire and sale of temporary and emergency flood lighting with a difference. Our ingenious balloon lighting solutions ensure that you have lighting that is fast to set up, lightweight, and free of glare. By choosing a balloon flood light, you are ensuring that your emergency flood lighting is both efficient and effective, helping you to complete your job without any lighting hassle.

Standing at 1m to 4.5m high, our balloon lights can be powered by a battery, a suitcase generator, or using your own power source. They are extremely quick to set up, taking just eight minutes to assemble, approximately. Not only this, but they can also be fitted to vehicles for lighting on the move, or suspended from ceilings of marquees for overhead lighting solutions. With balloon lighting, you are afforded a 360 degree light source. This means that there will be no shadows. Our balloon lighting is also glare-free, which means you have no disruption from the task at hand.

Our Products are portable, weatherproof, robust, adaptable, and versatile.

Balloominations UK Ltd. are confident that our carefully sourced balloon lighting solutions are the ideal choice for the emergency services, due to the numerous benefits that they offer. With quick assembly, easy portability, and shadow-free illumination, they work with you to give you the very best lighting option for your situation. Contact us today to find out more, or to organise your balloon flood light solution now.