Choose a Balloon Flood Light for Your Needs in Hereford

If you are used to conventional floodlights, Balloominations UK Ltd would highly recommend considering a balloon flood light. They are suitable for a variety of situations and are far superior. A balloon flood light can be used for agriculture and farming needs, at events and weddings, and even for emergency situations. They can be suspended, or placed on stands, and can even float on water, making them extremely versatile, whatever your needs in Hereford.


A balloon flood light will stand between 1m to 4.5m high and can be fixed to people, to trucks and vehicles, or statically used with stands. A balloon flood light is portable, weatherproof, and very adaptable. Because they are so versatile, they can be utilised for a variety of needs. The biggest advantage that a balloon flood light has over a standard flood light is that it provides 360 degree lighting, without glare, and is shadow-free. This makes them safe and efficient.


If you are hosting a recreational event or wedding in Hereford, you can even have your balloon flood light designed and customised to your tastes or needs. Whether you’d like it branded, or have an image for us to print on the light for you, or even want to cover them in embroidered fabric, all of this is possible. They are also very lightweight, at just 25kg with the stand, so can be transported and moved with ease.


Balloominations UK Ltd were once suppliers of floodlights, however, we quickly identified the many disadvantages of these conventional options. Due to this, we researched what lighting options were being used outside of the UK. This is when we discovered began to work on our own balloon flood light. The benefits were immediately apparent, and we now supply these nationwide as well as in Hereford. Contact us today to find out more by using our online contact form. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 07419 987504 during the day or 01584 810326 in the evening. We look forward to hearing from you.