Balloon Lighting in Hereford

Our company has been working within the lighting industry for years, and identified consistent issues with floodlighting. Not only are floodlights described as cumbersome, but also they are aesthetically unappealing for events, and slow to erect for emergency situations. This was when Balloominations UK Ltd was born. We now supply expert balloon lighting to a multitude of industries in Hereford.


Our balloon lighting is suitable for a range of uses in Hereford. We supply to the agriculture and farming industry, to events and weddings, and even to emergency services. Because they can be utilised in a variety of ways, from being suspended to placed on stands to even floating on water, balloon lighting fits your needs rather than you having to work to your lighting supply.


Our balloon lighting is exceedingly lightweight at just 25kg with the stand. Not only this, but it is economically cheaper too, and can be customised to fit your aesthetic needs. They can be branded and customised using vinyl graphics, placed in a digitally printed coloured envelope, or even covered with an embroidered slip. The design possibilities are endless.


Standing 1m to 4.5m high, our lights can be powered in a variety of ways to suit your needs. You can either power them via battery, by a suitcase generator, or using your own power source. Ou balloon lights are extremely portable but also weatherproof, robust, and has a set-up time of just approximately eight minutes. It should also be noted that they provide 360 degree glare-free, shadow-free lighting, which makes them excel in safety and means they are ideal for emergency situations.


To get in touch with Balloominations UK Ltd today to find out how we can provide lighting for you in Hereford, simply give us a call on 07419 987504 or 01584 810326 in the evenings. Alternatively, we have a handy online contact form. Once filled in, one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.