Balloon Event Lighting in Hereford

For effective and innovative lighting solutions for your event in Hereford, consider balloon event lighting. The benefits are numerous, and the popularity of this lighting solution only continues to grow. Balloon event lighting is extremely portable, whilst also being weatherproof and robust. It’s adaptable and versatile, offering a whole range of design options. Also, the set-up time is just eight minutes, approximately.


Not only is balloon event lighting ideal for the above reasons, but the safety benefits are also huge. Because this lighting solution offers 360 degree lighting, it is shadow-free and also glare-free, making it ideal for not just events but also emergency situations. As well as being used by the emergency services, balloon event lighting is often supplied to those in the agriculture and farming industries, and used at weddings and similar events. Because they can be suspended as well as placed on stands, and even float on water, the usage possibilities are expansive.


Our company has been industry leaders in lighting solutions for some time, but identified that floodlights were not ideal in many situations. This is why we researched alternative options, and this is how we discovered our current balloon event lighting. At this point, we became Balloominations UK Ltd, having quickly identified the numerous benefits of this style of lighting. We now supply balloon lighting to Hereford and beyond.


Balloon event lighting is a fantastic choice because it can be customised to any design you choose. Whether you would like a brand on the balloon, or a vinyl printed design, or even an embroidered fabric slip, we can make your balloon event lighting look aesthetically beautiful. It is also economically cheaper, and can be powered using a simple battery, a suitcase generator, or your own power source.


To find out more about how Balloominations UK Ltd can supply balloon event lighting to you in Hereford, get in touch with our team today. You can reach us on 07419 987504 during the day, and on 01584 810326 in the evenings. We look forward to talking with you.