Balloominations UK Ltd Provides Balloon Lighting to the Worcester Area

Since its creation in 2014, Balloominations UK Ltd has been providing flood balloon lighting solutions to the community of Worcester and beyond. As an approved distributor of balloon lighting products, Balloominations UK Ltd works tirelessly to ensure that they are offering the perfect product which can be used expertly in a wide range of industries across the UK.


The product was designed to provide an alternative to flood lighting. With a background of sourcing floodlighting for various customers who often complained about the size and weight of floodlights, the team at Balloominations UK Ltd decided to look for a lighter, cheaper substitute.


The balloon lighting products can be used to help many industries, from emergency services to the agricultural trade. The product can be stored and transported easily, providing the perfect temporary lighting solution for times of emergency.


The product is extremely lightweight, robust, and waterproof, so working against tough weather conditions will never have to be an issue. Balloominations UK Ltd can also supply balloon lighting for recreational events, such as weddings or parties. The specifications of the products mean that they can be attached to almost anything and can be adaptable, even offering mood lighting and balloons which can change colours intermittently. The balloon lighting products stand from 1m to 4.5m, meaning that the height of the light can be adjusted to fit your needs.


As our company is based in Worcester, we’re commited to improving the lighting situation in the Worcester area and providing lighting solutions for your trade. For any type of enquiry, from hire costs to detailed product specifications, please use the online contact form and someone from the Balloominations UK Ltd team will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 07419 987504 during the day, or 01584 810326 in the evening.