Balloominations UK Ltd Provides A Balloon Flood Light Service to the Area of Worcester

As an approved distributor of balloon lighting products, Balloominations UK Ltd works with the Worcester community and beyond to bring durable lighting solutions into various industries at a reasonable cost. Since 2014, the team at Balloominations UK Ltd has worked with the agricultural trade, the construction industry, and many more businesses to supply a balloon flood light to those who require an expansive lighting solution.


Balloominations UK Ltd was born from the recognition that standard floodlights aren’t always the best lighting solution for many companies. Heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, particularly under time constraints, the team at Balloominations UK Ltd noticed that customers weren’t always satisfied with the product. After some research into the effectiveness of balloon lights, Balloominations UK Ltd decided to start supplying the products to Worcester and beyond.


The balloon flood light is one of our more popular products, ideal for work projects which need shadow-free illumination and 360 degree coverage. The flood light product has an impressively quick assembly time of approximately 8 minutes. The lights can be powered by battery, suitcase generator, or from your own power source, offering a uniquely versatile lighting solution which can be instrumental to the success of any project.


The balloon flood light is not just a product which can be implemented in the workplace. Many of our customers have used the balloon flood light product to accompany recreational outdoor events, such as weddings or birthday parties. Because the product is easy to transport and straightforward to secure, the balloon flood light is a big hit.


For more information on our Worcester-based company, please give us a call during work hours on 07419 9875, or call 01584 810326 for any evening calls. If you’d rather drop us an email, you are welcome to fill out the handy contact form, found on the Balloominations UK Ltd website, and a member of our knowledgeable team will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.