Agricultural Balloon Lighting

 If you’re in the agriculture and farming industry and are looking for effective and versatile new lighting solutions, balloon lighting is ideal for your needs. Having a competent lighting system is essential for both productivity and health and safety. We understand that preventing injuries and accidents is extremely important for an industry that is considered one of the riskiest sectors in which to work. Thanks to our exceptional floodlighting you will no longer have to depend on the daytime and can continue working safely into the night.

At Balloominations UK Ltd. we specialise in the hire and sale of temporary and safety floodlights. Our balloon lighting provides an ideal alternative to traditional flood lighting, with exceptional benefits that will directly improve the way that you work.

Balloominations UK Ltd specialise in lighting solutions for all manner of industries, including farming and agriculture. That’s why we’re so confident when we say that balloon lighting is an ideal option for you. After working with traditional flood lighting, we identified a number of issues with it. Both cumbersome and difficult to run, traditional flood lighting created problems rather than solving them.

Balloon lighting can be fitted in a variety of ways, and takes just 8 minutes approximately to erect on its stand. Alternatively, you can even fit the balloon lights to vehicles such as quad bikes or pick up trucks, meaning you can use them as mobile flood lights. They’re lightweight and durable, too. Balloon lighting also creates a 360 degree light source, meaning you have shadow-free lighting, which is also glare-free. On a stand, they are 1m to 4.5m tall, and can be powered via a battery, a suitcase generator, or you own power source.