About Us

During the year of 2014 Balloominations Uk Ltd was set up to act as independent consultants to the construction industry road and rail repair companies the emergency, utility, security, search and rescue services, public or private event organisers the farming and horticultural growers.

Our remit is to source suitable night time floodlight for all the above clients but their main complaint about all the available lighting in the UK is why are the units so cumbersome they take up to much space on emergency vehicles and the glare during use becomes uncomfortable even dangerous .the most important comments came from prestige event planners they look ugly.

When researching the type of floodlights used outside the UK it became apparent that there is a product which is used extensively throughout the world that covers the remit given by our clients but more importantly does away with all the negative comments and will be more cost effective. That product is the balloon floodlight.

Balloominations UK Ltd now specialise in the hire and sale of this new type of floodlight so when darkness falls at your events, work sites even an emergency then contact Balloominations UK Ltd and let us light up the night with glare-free white, or the futuristic coloured balloon floodlights for use as theme or mood lighting inside or outside. If you have a floodlighting problem, we may have a solution.